M. Heitkemper

M. Heitkemper

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Visitors...

So I've decided I'm going to start posting some of my short stories here.  Here's a flash piece that I wrote several years ago.  You may want to read it twice.  Enjoy!


I was resting on the big rock in my back yard, and star gazing.  It was so relaxing.  I often loved to spend my evenings that way, but little did I know that night would be different. 
As I lay there, enjoying the brightness of the different stars, I noticed one particular star that did not appear to be on my constellation map.  It confused me.  Then it excited me.  Maybe I’d found something that no one else had?  I kept watching the star in question, and soon noticed that its light appeared to be fading in and out.  It was blinking.
I didn't take my sight from the blinking light for even a second.  The more that I watched; the more that I realized the light was getting closer at a steady speed.  It was heading straight for me.
I felt silly to be so; but I was scared.  I guess it was because there was no one there to reassure me that it was nothing; at least nothing to be afraid of.  I needed someone to tell me it was a star going into supernova, or my eyes playing tricks on me.  Anything would have been better than the fear that was coming over me.  But I was the only one within ten miles; I wouldn’t be so lucky to hear the words from anyone.  That’s the life of living in a dusty plain. 
I tried to reassure myself that the light meant nothing, but it was no use.  The more that I watched the light, the closer it came into view.  Close enough for me to be sure.  The light was not a star, it was an object; an alien space craft.  I had heard of such a thing before, but never believed in them.  But then, with the proof right before my eyes about to land in my backyard, I had no choice but to believe.
I quickly dove behind the large rock.  I could see my home off in the distance.  Maybe I could have made a mad dash without being seen, but I didn’t even try.  It wasn’t the fear that held me back, it was my curiosity. 
I peeked over the top of the rock and found an extraordinary sight.  The ship was landing, not even a hundred feet from me.  I kept watching.  Four large metallic legs sprawled out from under the space craft.  With a burst of powdered ground swirling from the thrusters, the space ship landed on the dusty plain. 
The ship was huge; at best estimate, twenty times the size of my home.  I wondered if my distant neighbors could see it. 
Several minutes passed, and all I could do was watch the sitting space craft.  Nothing was happening.  I wondered what was happening inside the space ship.  Was there anyone inside?  And if there were, why were they there?  And what did they plan to do?
Suddenly, a small door in the side of the ship opened up, and I noticed a ladder that extended down from the door.  There was someone inside.  And they were coming out. 
I ducked my head deeper behind the rock.  I didn't want to see what happened next.  I was scared out of my mind, cursing myself for not running to my house when I had the chance.  But that was a choice that I could no longer change.  I was hiding, and was going to stay put.  But as the seconds passed, my curiosity outweighed my fear. 
I peeked over the top of the rock one more time, and I saw them.  There were two of them.  Both were pale as ghosts, and their bodies were large and bulky.  They moved slowly across the plain, bouncing rather than walking.  They had four appendages that appeared awkward to use.  It was no wonder they were so slow.  And they appeared harmless.  There wasn't a sharp edge amongst their bodies.  No claws nor fangs, or any defensive appendages.  But most captivating was to me was their faces.  They were smooth and shiny.  I would swear that if I were close enough I could see the reflection of my face in theirs.  Perhaps a confusing measure they used against predators? 
I watched the two aliens for some time.  They didn’t seem to notice that I was there.  They communicated with each other through means that I didn’t understand.  But from their gestures, I knew that a conversation was taking place.  They knelt down and played in the dirt for a while.  I couldn’t tell what they were doing, but my best guess was that they were taking samples. 
Hours passed while I watched the two aliens in my backyard.  They played with an oddly decorated staff.  There’s no other way to describe what they were doing.  And then, like their time there had run out, they climbed back into their space ship, and left their staff in the dirt.  More time passed, and the ship began to make an eerie noise.  Steam and air shot out from the sides of the space ship, and it suddenly split into two pieces:  a bottom and a top half.  It looked like something had gone wrong.  The ship looked doomed as it flew up into space, leaving its landing gear behind in my backyard.  I watched the spaceship’s lights as it flew away.  I expected to see it fall and crash to the ground, but instead, it disappeared from my sight. 
I stepped out from my hiding.  I couldn’t believe it.  With what the aliens had left behind, there was no doubt that everyone I told was going to believe my story.  I was going to be famous.
I had to get closer to the piece of the ship that was left behind.  It was so strange to be standing so close to something like that.  It was cold and hard; made of a material that I had never seen before.  It was unique in over a thousand ways.  I found a panel on the side of the ship with some strange alien markings all over it.  Their writing was like a piece of art.  I had no idea what it meant, but it looked like this:  APOLLO 11


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Distractions Page 26

So the webcomic I've helped create has hit a few bumps these last few months.  But now, with the help of some great additions to our creative team, (Thank you, Xhylvy Panda on Colors, and Adam Wollet on Lettering) we are now up to page 26 of this suspenseful story.  And things are starting to get really strange for Guy Lebrun as his life sinks deeper into the mystery surrounding Hexatone Nuclear and the staff that runs it.  Check us out at http://www.drunkduck.com/distractions/ and please feel free to like the comic and leave a comment.  Thanks!