M. Heitkemper

M. Heitkemper

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Need Someone To Review Your Book? So Do I...

So, having slacked quite a bit from promoting my book for the last few weeks, I'm trying to redeem myself.  I have seriously lost a lot of ground, but I'm afraid it was something that could not be helped... personal matters. 

I need to find a few good readers to write their own review of Becoming Mortal gods.  In my search, I managed to run across a pretty useful link:  http://www.onlinecollege.org/2009/09/15/100-best-blogs-for-book-reviews/   It's a list of the top 100 bloggers that review books.  I plan to submit to a few of them that fit my book.  I'm sure most if not all of you have this list already, but for those that don't, here it is.

And of course, if anyone reading this has any interest in reading my book, Becoming Mortal gods, and writing a reveiw, I will gladly send you a copy!  Just post a reply here.  Thanks.

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