M. Heitkemper

M. Heitkemper

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Finally, The Dinosaur Farm

In an earlier blog post, I explained how my 6 year old son wanted me to write a book for him about dinosaurs and ghosts.  So it did take me longer than I had expected, but my first Middle Grade Children's Book, The Dinosaur Farm, is now complete and available for purchase.  If you have a little one of your own, or a young relative or friend, please consider checking it out.  Thanks.

About:  Mark and Danny are brothers.  They've just moved into a large abandoned farm with their parents.  At one time the farm yielded the best crops, had the largest barns, and the animals... well, they might have been dinosaurs.  Mark and Danny spend their days an nights trying to find proof that dinosaurs once lived on the farm.  The clues lead them to an old legend, and a dark cave that holds a secret that is larger than time itself.

The Dinosaur Farm is available here on Amazon.com or on my website, MHeitkemperBooks.com

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